At Polished Hair Studio we believe that looking good helps you feel good. With the latest trends and classic hairstyles we intend to bring our clients just that. Our stylists have the knowledge and techniques to accommodate your desired look.

  • Lead Stylist

    Shamere Barham has been a part of the Polished Hair Studio team from the start (2012). Shamere has been styling hair every since the age 14 and have always wanted take part in the hair industry. She loves to provide her service to people with hair care needs. Shamere holds great knowledge on hair and specializes in working with natural hair. She also has good passion for styling hair in many different designs while taking pride in what ever it is she's doing. Besides all her other endeavors in life, Shamere is now a cosmetologist working as a lead stylist with a phenomenal team here at POLISHED HAIR STUDIO. She's always looking forward to meeting new people and continue to learn with an optimistic plan!
  • Owner/Stylist

    Keyosha is a South Jersey native who loves to use her vision ability to create the special look for each individual." I take pride in all my work. I enjoy transforming a person's look from who we started with to whatever look we wish to achieve! I also love that I get to utilize my gifted ability of motivating any and everyone! I have been in this industry for over 13 years, yet I still feel as though this is just the beginning!"
  • Owner

    Sharay's devotion to the way she handles every client, desire to make others feel confident and her professionalism in any obstacle she face is what makes her an entrepreneur with a bright future. Sharay believes when you look good, you feel good and build a confidence to help you go and achieve all you goals and dreams. Sharay is always passionate about the work she does and devoted to making sure every client interaction with Polished Hair Studio Establishment is delightful. Specializing in custom extension services, elaborate hair sculpting, nature hair maintenance, and all phases of health hair care. Sharay has been in the industry for 8 years and still believes this is just the beginning of greatness, the best is yet to come.
  • Executive Assistant

    Aja B. Smith has been an employee of Polished Hair Studio since opening day November 23, 2012 . She is a great asset to the company and proud member of the Polished team.
  • Head of Support Staff

    Tanazia has been apart of the Polished family for over 2 years. She has been one of our most dedicated team members since her becoming apart of Polished family.
  • Stylist

    Crystal is a junior stylist bringing new craft and ideas to our salon. She loves what she does and enjoy learning what others have to offer as well. Her book is growing each and every day so book your appointment now with the offer of 10% off your first service.
  • Assistances Manager

    Quraishah aka Q, is a Prep Tech that is dedicated and hands on with treating clients with shampoo and chemical services. Q specializes in treating clients hair that needs more moisture or strength. Q makes it her priority to make sure your hair is the healthiest it can be, to give you that perfect Polished look! Book with Q for her TLC Hair Treatments.
  • Chief Operating Officer